350 Rally in Waterloo

6 Nov

350 CAGOn October 24th, the International Day of Climate Action, about 100 concerned students and other Waterloo locals gathered outside the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery in Waterloo to voice their requests for Waterloo’s MP, Peter Braid, to support action on bringing the world’s carbon dioxide levels down to 350 parts per million. Just one of many similar rallies across the world, the greater goal was to urge politicians to act for the environment at the upcoming COP 15 United Nations Climate Change conference in Copenhagen (to which a number of UWSP’s executive board will be headed). 

After meeting at the Clay and Glass Gallery, the 100 strong crowd marched straight to Peter Braid’s office with a letter outlining their concerns. Byron Williston, a philosophy professor from Wilfred Laurier University, and Jean-Michel Toriel of ForestEthics were on hand to speak about the issues at hand. Williston laid out plainly, one of the major issues:

“We just don’t naturally think about people who are going to be alive 100 years from now. That’s the trick. That’s the ethical challenge.”

Ain’t it just so? Now…why is that there were no experts from the University of Waterloo on hand to speak? 

More at: http://news.therecord.com/article/618694

– Tyler


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