Stephen Harper Please Step Up!

15 Nov

From: TDH Strategies

For those of you who haven’t heard, the most up-to-date news regarding the possibility of a post-kyoto agreement in Copenhagen is grim but expected. Today, Stephen Harper, Barack Obama and other leaders from Europe and Asia came to an agreement that negotiations at  COP15 will not result in a global climate change treaty. Below are a few statements in the media that particularly caught my attention.

“next month’s international climate change meetings will be a way station — not the end point”

  • This leads me to ask the question “what is holding the world back from making a post-kyoto agreement?” If the answer is a valid argument I’m glad to not rush into a poor agreement with targets that aren’t aggressive enough. However, if the answer is nothing but a way to defer taking responsibility for our actions then this is not acceptable.

“On Saturday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper … said that full global participation in cutting greenhouse gases is necessary to tackle global warming.”

  • So Stephen Harper, why exactly are you not personally participating in COP15?

“If we don’t control those [emerging economies], whatever we do in the developed world will have no impact on climate change,” Harper said.”

  • The developed world won’t have an impact unless we start actually doing something. Let’s lead by example.

“Flannery told The Canadian Press that Canada faces an international credibility crisis because it is “by far the biggest defaulter” on previous Kyoto Protocol obligations.”

  • I know I’m not the only Canadian embarrassed to have this reputation. Canada has the opportunity to redeem itself by furthering negotiations in Copenhagen. As a Nation, let’s help Stephen Harper realise this opportunity.

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