24 Nov

Elephants eat a lot, and thus, poo a lot. Besides the lovely dung beetles and other pooper-scoopers, here’s how to close the loop for elephant poo:

  • ”Elephants and their dung can play a facilitative role for other organisms.” Three different species of frogs have been discovered living in the dung of the Asian elephant in southeastern Sri Lanka. For more information: http://news.mongabay.com/2009/0610-hance_elephantdung.html
  • Elephant manure is highly prized by gardeners! Furthermore, according to Blake et al. (2009). Forest elephants: Tree planters of the Congo. Biotropica, 41(4):
    “Analysis of 855 elephant dung piles suggested that forest elephants disperse more intact seeds than any other species or genus of large vertebrate in African forests, while GPS telemetry data showed that forest elephants regularly disperse seeds over unprecedented distances compared to other dispersers. Our results suggest that the loss of forest elephants (and other large-bodied dispersers) may lead to a wave of recruitment failure among animal-dispersed tree species, and favour regeneration of the species-poor abiotically dispersed guild of trees.”

Protect elephants, and their poo.


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