Day 1: Arrival

5 Dec

Zack and Julia leave for København:

Departure and Flight

We arrived at the airport after some mad last minute scrambling to pack and get ready. Zack, obviously, forgot his jacket; thankfully his daddy was able to get it from home in time – how cute!

After giving each of our parents awkward goodbye kisses, we headed through security. Zack’s pyjama pants obviously didn’t ring. Julia, on the other hand, was … what’s the phrase… “Thoroughly searched”.

The first stop in the airport was the Duty Free. Guess what? Julia couldn’t buy ice wine or ANY alcohol because the flight to Copenhagen was connect – the largest bottle allowed was 100mL so the plan to buy ice wine as a gift failed. After forgetting her boarding pass, we headed to the bar.

Two large beers later the two of us were very happily entering the boarding area.

The flight was alright, minus the uncomfortable seating. They told us at departure that the flight would be 30 minutes lengthier and with only 45 minutes between flights Zack and I were looking forward to the early morning cardio work out to make it to our next flight.

After running mindlessly in a random direction we figured that we should go talk to Lufthansa to change our tickets. Of course, this was done with no problem. We walked around the beautiful airport and then chillaxed over a Breze (Pretzel… duh!) and spicy calamari & salad. After thinking we should start heading back to the terminal we encountered a wonderful, round, winter-ful phenomenon – an ice rink. We went ice skating for a good 20 minutes and then started our next heavy cardio session to our flight. Running in the right direction and at a decent speed we made it to the end of the boarding line no problem.

On the plane we met Laura from the CYD (Canadian Youth Delegation) and had a nice chat about COP, COY, projects, and well.. life.


Arriving in the CPH airport we were pleasantly greeted by the ever-so-present advertisements on all four sides. COP-15 and various environmental groups were promoting the conference and everything else happening in the city (and let me tell you, there’s a lot!) so we enjoyed all of the green publicity.

Next we waited for our hopefully present luggage (there were doubts to it arriving due to the change in flights) and after collecting it, headed over to the train station to board the sexy high speed beast of a train.

Our hotel was no problem to find… after getting lost. Well, not really lost, but after walking in the wrong direction. To my credit, it was in the direction of rollercoasters in an amusement park so I think that’s a legit enough reason. The hotel itself was fine. Three beds (for two – don’t ask) and no private washroom; my definition of Europe was well achieved. Photo below BEFORE we brought our stuff in (aka while it’s still recognizable as a room).

Our plan for the night was to take a shower and get to know the place, we checked out the area around us and went soundly to sleep. The night was fun. Very quiet until 3am when the partiers started coming home. Several drunk men tried to key into our room, but I conveniently scared them away =P.

That is all. Thanks for reading to here!



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