Day 2: COY Conference

6 Dec

I attended two very informational workshops, one on how to make a meeting great.  This one will hopefully help me in the future with the groups I am involved in.

The other workshop was much more of a global concern, Cap and Trade, and CDM’s.

The methodology behind Cap and Trade and CDM is one of the highly contested parts of the Kyoto Protocol, and I learned more of the fallacious way in which it is executed, and the highly confusing, and usually very useless way it has been implemented between 2002 – 2008 (1500 projects so far, and 3000 in the pipeline).  This is a hugely important point for youth, because showing how much we care, and proving how false the logic of the Annex 1 countries are in this mechanism.  Later in the week there is a debate taking place in the KlimaForum where I hope to continue my knowledge on this topic, and try and get my views out there on this. 

Thanks for Reading,

Zack Bernholtz


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