Day 2: Fossil of the Day Award

8 Dec

Today’s Fossil of the Day Award (presented by the Climate Action Network) was given to Ukraine; the country took third, first and part of second place!

Third place was given to Ukraine for refusing to tell the public how the money generated from selling emissions credits is being used.

Ukraine has sold Japan €300 million worth of emissions permissions. It’s required by its own treaty obligations to explain where that money is going. But when Ukraine’s NGOs asked, their government refused to answer.

The second place of the Fossil of the Day Award was given to the Umbrella Group (which includes industrialized non-EU countries, which too includes Ukraine). The group announced today that Carbon Capture and Storage should qualify as projects under the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol).

The brollies have gotten used to subsidizing the coal and oil industries in their own countries–but do they really have to subsidize the same dirty companies in developing countries too?

The Clean Development Mechanism is supposed to provide developing countries with subsidized ways of advancing to a green economy, not subsidizing coal.

The first place award was given to Ukraine for having the worst climate target of all nations. The country promised to reduce its emissions by 20% from 1990 levels, which in reality allows them to increase its emissions 75% from current levels.

Pretty ridiculous. According to Bjorn Lomborg (from the Munk Debate last week), China too is promising bollocks reduction targets. Although controversial, he states that China’s current emissions reductions target of 40-45% reduction in carbon intensity (aka. carbon generated per dollar GDP) is essentially China promising to do nothing. The shift from a manufacturing to service based economy in China will reduce the growth in emissions anyways – by 40%.

Alright, that’s it for the time being. More controversy will be delivered to your computer screen shortly.



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