Orange in a Sea of Black

11 Dec

Today in the Bella Center youth are unmistakable. YuFuGe Day, or rather Young and Future Generations Day, has been marked in the Bella Centre by a sea of extremely bright orange shirts worn by youth. The shirts, which read “How old will you be in 2050?” on the front and “[Don’t bracket our future]” on the back are strengthening the point that climate change is not just an issue for adults in spiffy suits.  Youth are taking a stand and being a voice to show their concern for what is going on and to put pressure on decision makers at this conference. Today several activities were set up by youth and for youth on many topics, one being intergenerational equity (, this is a copy of what I read today here at the Bella Center). Yet youth are not only being active on YuFuGe Day, but protests involving both youth and adults are seen inside and outside the Bella Center daily. If you have been keeping up with our Facebook page you may have noticed some of our own UWSP delegation members participating in protests as well (nonviolent, of course).

I can’t say I wear the colour orange well, but I  have to admit that the shirts have been very effective. In 2050, I will be 59  years old, and many of the decision makers here at COP15 will no longer be around. The youth of today are as concerned as adults about climate change, and these vibrant orange shirts we are all decked out in only prove the point that these decisions will be affecting our generation.

Tyler and Sylvie with the orange YuFuGe Day shirts.


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