Fossil Awards Hold No Meaning to Politicians

12 Dec

Moments ago Alice, Sylvie, Sarah and I came out of a meeting with Michael Martin. These meetings are held every morning at 8 so the government can learn the issues weighing on the minds of Canadians, especially those attending COP15. This morning I mustered the courage to ask one of my own questions. I asked Mr. Martin how he felt about Canada’s continual winnings this week in the Fossil Awards. Canada has won every day but Thursday. Outlined below is our scoreboard for this week:

  • Monday: First place (since we are apart of Annex 1) and third place
  • Tuesday: Second place (we are apart of the Umbrella Group)
  • Wednesday: First place
  • Thursday: We escaped the podium!
  • Friday: Canada wins first AND second place (had to make up for lost time on Thursday somehow…)

For those reading this who don’t know what the Fossil of the Day Award is, it’s three awards given to countries or  group of countries who have performed poorly and have obstructed progress in negotiations.

So this morning when I asked our chief negotioator how he felt about Canada’s continual (and by now expected) winnings, as well as the comments made by the mayor of Toronto, Mr. David Miller, who accepted the Fossil Award yesterday for Canada, Mr. Martin replied saying that he had not yet read David Miller’s comments and that these awards are satirical awards which can be voted on by anyone and though he respects the freedom of speech the process has, he does not agree with the awards.

Well that’s all nice and dandy, but I was kind of looking for something more along the lines of ‘this is embarassing and we are going to do more to avoid the podium’. Of course I’m a fool for hoping such a thing, since I no longer have any faith in Canada holding its own at this conference, or really do anything in general. I don’t think Mr. Martin really understands just how embarassed Canadians, especially the youth here at COP15 are to say they are Canadian. Yesterday morning for example as we walked out of the the morning meeting, Canadian youth were shaking their heads in disappointed and slumping into chairs, burying their heads into their hands.

If Canada doesn’t speak up at this conference soon, our country will continue to be an embarassment and disappointment on an international level. Tonight at 6pm when the Fossil of the Day Award is handed out, myself and everyone else here from UW will be surprised if Canada is not on the podium.

If you are interested in the Fossil of the Day Award, you are in luck! Check out the website at The website has written material and video of the awards, so if you need a break fom studying I suggest you check it out.


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