“Prostitutes raise temperatures” at COP15

18 Dec

Prior to the grand opening of COP15 and the Climate Summit for Mayors, hundreds of hotels, delegates and journalists received a letter from the Copenhagen’s mayor, along with a stack of postcards proclaiming, “Be sustainable: Don’t buy sex!”

The postcards were part of a campaign launched by the City Council urging the international delegates and press to refrain from buying sex during their stay in Copenhagen.

BUT the postcards caused a prompt reaction from a sex worker organization (SIO), recommending its members offer free sex to delegates who are able to show their accreditation and a copy of the postcard.

City Council member Margrethe Wivel, however, believes that it is imperative Copenhagen takes a clear stand against prostitution, even though it is legal (since 1999): “The only reason it is legal is that you do not want to turn socially marginalized women into criminals. To be frank, we have modern slavery in the streets of Copenhagen. Consequently, we need to decrease the demand for sexual services and explode the myth of the happy whore. Life as a prostitute is rough and we have to make that very clear to potential clients. That is why we have made the postcards. Finally, it is worth noting that SIO only represents 79 prostitutes i.e. SIO only speaks on behalf of approximately one percent of the prostitutes in Denmark. And as far as I know, only five of their members are actually willing to offer free sex in return for a postcard.”

Ironically, one of the “hotels” that received a batch of postcards from the mayor’s office was Studio Freya, which is reportedly a brothel!

The Nest International (http://redeninternational.dk/?pid=105) is an organization which fights against women trafficking. Sorry, no equivalent site in English available.

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Prior to the grand opening of COP15 and the Climate Summit for Mayor


2 Responses to ““Prostitutes raise temperatures” at COP15”

  1. Marion December 19, 2009 at 10:32 am #

    I am astonished. First that prostitution is legal in Denmark and second (and happy about this second point…) that the Mayor and Council in Copenhagen would encourage delegates to refrain from buying sex while visiting the city. Very forward thinking on their part and a super postcard…the pic say it all. Perhaps they should tell othet councillors in capital cities around the world to do the same thing. Thanks for telling me about this…once again, I never heard anything about this campaign in the mainstream media. You folks are doing a great job in gettng the word out about “what’s really happening” in Copenhagen. Keep up the great work!

  2. Ansis December 24, 2009 at 1:31 am #

    As I see it, the problem is not in the prostitution as a concept, but its criminal implications. Who gives us a right to forbid a person from “selling” herself (or himself)? Life of a boxer, a fisherman, an actress, a soldier, … is rough too, but we do not forbid these activities. We don’t campaign “Don’t buy rice!” just because work in rice terraces is harsh. Why? Because people in these professions have (or at least seem to have) more liberties. Therefore it seems that the real problem is that we don’t know how to fight “modern slavery”. If banning prostitution helps to fight this slavery, then let’s ban it! Temporarily; till we are able to control it and it is not a criminal threat anymore. Alcohol usage have so many bad implications as well, but somehow it’s allowed again.

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