Go Shit All Over Democracy Somewhere Else

23 Jun

We have all heard of the large communal voice from advocacy groups about the G20’s apparent avoidance of any issues pertaining to the environment. Some of us may even be tired of hearing about it. So tired that they have decided that violent protests are the answer. I put my self in the other category. I am not tired of hearing about it. I am, however, tired of the violent protests.

This post is going to irk some people.

I just insinuated that protests are inherently violent, and some readers may be fuming already (all this from just reading about protests).

First of all everyone defends protests, saying it’s peaceful until some schmucks come along and ruin it for everyone. Very rarely do protests OF THIS SIZE AND MAGNITUDE remain non-violent. It’s nothing magical – just basic statistics. With such large crowds, tensions can run high when people feel like they have numbers on their side (versus law enforcement). People also tend to feel like they can tease law enforcement because a) they can hide within their numbers or b) someone is bound to have it on tape, thus “vindicating” them in the court of public opinion (well, the online court of public opinion anyway. This is inhabited by a small fraction of society).

There are even those who claim that undercover officers may be placed in the crowds to incite violence, resulting in arrests that can then justify the security costs. A conspiracy theorist I am not, but even if this were true it does not validate protests. Come on, the only reason why they have such high security costs is because you insist on protesting.

A terrific example from some G20 protests (and the G20 hasn’t even started!).


The video depicts a group of protesters rambling some garbage as they try to assert that “all these pigs,” referring to cops, have high costs with all their “riot gear and… batons.”

Mainstream media slant aside, you can imagine that it was probably a pretty accurate depiction of the protests. For those of you who have seen protests up close, you basically end up yelling at law enforcement officers, none of whom can do anything to help your cause. The irony, I hope, is not lost upon anyone reading this. “Pigs” dressed up to quell a rowdy group of idiots complaining about, yes, the pigs dressed up to quell a rowdy group of idiots.

Protesting is useless. You want to initiate change? Talk to your elected leaders. Do something democratic or leave this country as you have no use for its privileges. You are shitting all over democracy if you can’t help cultivate a healthy society with some degree of civility.

And storming the gas station? The clueless woman at the end (yes again, factoring in that there may be media bias) is a perfect caricaturization of that kind of group mentality – also known as stupidity. You charge a gas station? Why? “This is OUR HOUSE.” Yeah and I’m a fucking real citizen that won’t waste taxpayers money by yelling on the streets. That man could just as well have a cardboard sign around his neck, selling pencils from a cup.

Thanks for reading.


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