Must We End This Journey

25 Jun

If we are not the ones who end our species, from our own technological collapse, then it will happen when the Sun dies out.

Most educated people are aware that we are merely the outcome of four billion years of Darwinian evolution. But many tend to think that humans are still, somehow, the culmination of that. Our Sun, however is less than halfway through its lifetime. It will not be humans who watch that demise, 6 billion years from now. Any creatures that then do exist will be as different from us we are from bacteria or amoeba.

– Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal, from a speech entitled “Dark Materials”

If we don’t make it around that long, then it will be the Andromeda galaxy, which we know to be heading towards our way, that ends us by way of a glorious collision. Of course, that will not be for another 2.5 billion years, and even then it’s only a possibility.

Until the Andromeda galaxy crashes in with ours (if it ever does), or until we evolve into something completely different, there is a lot of life to be had.

I propose that in the interest of scientific inquiry and the natural sciences, that we keep our planet in good shape so that this life-experiment can continue.

But we can’t continue this experiment if we maintain the shape of our planet as it exists today. We must ask ourselves, in this time of crisis – do we really want us to go down in history as being both the only species that was capable of preventing its extinction, yet somehow managed to cause itself to go extinct regardless?

With our brief, limited time on this planet, we must make the best of it. But some of you are ruining it for the rest of us all.

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