Mission and Goals


To encourage the University of Waterloo in leading the development of our campus into a healthy and sustainable community – ecologically and socially.


On behalf of our campus community members, we will achieve our vision by turning theory into practice through advocacy, negotiation, and activism. Through this, the UWSP will:

  • be a catalyst for self-organizing activism.
  • be a centre for knowledge and environmental discussion.
  • be an organization that models sustainability in our own
  • provide an opportunity for students to effectively
    develop and run a non-profit organization.
  • monitor the administration’s progress in achieving its
    sustainability goals.
  • create a sustainable framework for the region.
  • encourage a diverse, safe, and inclusive environment.


  • To inspire environmentally-conscious thinking in our
  • To inspire behavioural changes that reflects sustainable
  • To build a cohesive university community that respond to
    the needs and concerns of our university’s sustainability.
  • To foster a campus that embodies state of the art
    sustainability initiatives.
  • To promote planning and decision-making that foster
    ethical and environmental responsibility and accountability.

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