Lawrence Yeh

Project Coordinator, St. Michael’s Hospital
Hometown: Thornhill, Ontario

Lawrence Yeh is a Project Coordinator at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. Lawrence is coordinating the erection of a green roof penthouse for two rooftop diesel generators. He is an Honours Bachelor in Applied Sciences candidate at the University of Waterloo.

Lawrence’s leadership and drive for success began at a young age. Throughout high school he drew an interest in social justice, environmentalism, and peace and conflict resolution. He realized these interests in organizing several events bringing NGOs and the public together in public workshops and forums. Lawrence has served as Director of the Sustainable Technology Education Project. The student-led group runs educational workshops for regional high school students, has installed a photovoltaic array on campus and is in the process of installing a solar thermal heating system.

Recently, Lawrence has completed a brief tenure as Coordinator of the University of Waterloo Sustainability Project. In the past Lawrence has also interned at the Eastern Construction Company and the Greater Toronto Airport Authority.

Nearing the end of his undergraduate studies, Lawrence is looking for his next major project. He remains interested in harnessing his creativity and passion and of those around him to achieve the desired goals.

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