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Interface Leading the Way in Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

30 Nov

From: Interface

Interface is a global modular carpet manufacturer gaining attention for its move towards sustainability. The company has made it its mission (Mission Zero) to eliminate any negative impact Interface has on the environment by 2020. On its journey, Interface has picked up on cradle to cradle practices. To close the loop on manufacturing, ReEntry 2.0 was created. Under this program, InterfaceFLOR became the first commercial carpet manufacturer to recover nylon 6,6 for recycling into new nylon 6,6 for the manufacturing of new carpets. Their clean separation process, removes carpet fibers from backing to be reused in new carpets. In order to fully implement this process, Interface recovers carpets from customers who no longer want their carpets. By adopting this practice of recovery, recycle and reuse, Interface is moving closer to its zero waste mission while embracing its extended producer responsibility. In the words of Ray C. Anderson, founder of Interface, it’s about…

“closing the loop on material flows so that you have not only the basic organic cycle we’re all familiar with—the dust to dust cycle—but in an analogous way, a technical cycle that takes used-up products and gives them life after- life through the recycling process, so that no molecules are lost; everything stays in the flow, the material loop. All of that is basically emulating nature in an industrial system, and that remains our goal.”