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Reclaim Power!

15 Dec

Tomorrow morning Climate Justice Action and Climate Justice Now are planning to reclaim power at the Bella Center. The plan is to have a mass of people walk from Taarnby Station to the Bella Center starting at 8am. At 10am, groups from within the center will start disrupting negotiations encouraging others to join the mass action. At the same time, the masses on the outside will attempt to penetrate the Bella Center. How you wonder…

We will overcome any physical barriers that stand in our way- but we will not respond with violence if the police try to escalate the situation, nor create unsafe situations; we will be there to make our voices heard.

Non-violence. This is their claim. Reclaim Power! is a confrontational mass action of non-violent civil disobedience. But how will masses of people be able to get passed a line of police officers blocking all entrance to the Bella Center without becoming violent. The answer: they won`t. If the Bella Center is to be penetrated, violence will be required. This is the first flaw of this planned protest. There will be members of the crowd prepared to be violent. There will be uneducated members of the crowd that will follow those who act violently. All control will disintegrate and violence will ensue. If somehow the Bella Centre is penetrated, the Peoples Assembly is planned to begin at 12 at the main entrance to the Bella Centre inside the UN area.

The Peoples Assembly, in opposition to the false solutions being negotiated at the Climate Summits, will highlight alternatives that provide real and just solutions: leaving fossil fuels in the ground; reasserting peoples’ and community control over resources; relocalizing food production; massively reducing overconsumption, particularly in the North; recognising the ecological and climate debt owed to the peoples of the South and making reparations; and respecting  indigenous and forest peoples’ rights.

While these are good intentions, the approach is flawed. This is flaw number two. The type of attention associated with mass actions of civil disobedience and violence is not the type of attention that will further any environmental causes. It will only hinder the cause. What will help the cause is working together to identify agreed upon solutions; not forcing decision makers to listen to the people.

Our goal is to disrupt the sessions…. The people`s Assembly will oppose the COP15 meeting….

This is not working together and is therefore the third flaw. Despite its flaws, the protest will go on. It will raise awareness, good and bad. It will generate talk, good and bad. Extremists will clap. Climate deniers will critize. In any case, the police will be prepared. In fact,  the police are being proactive. It`s spread along the grapevine that one of the organizers of this mass action has already been arrested. We`ll see what happens tomorrow.